The Future


Fossil fuels as we know them have a finite life, and we must now look forward to the future and make decisions based on what that future will look like. Through The New Energy Focus we want to create a central portal that puts the spotlight on the latest methods of energy creation and harvesting, and also the unique and exciting ways it is being utilized in everything from the humble flashlight through to the latest in electric aircraft, and everything in between.      Educating while entertaining.




Likely the most dominant field of advance at the moment as more and more manufacturers plan and release models designed for hybrid or pure electric power. In both the magazine and on the website we will feature the latest news on not only the supercars - like the Alieno Hypercar claiming 5221hp - but also the more mainstream cars - like Honda's newly revealed Sports EV Concept - likely to become daily drivers for more people in the future.






Commercial vehicles seem to be the next frontier. Several large manufacturers such as Volvo are openly developing concepts for over the road purposes, while the ever growing need for local delivery due to the age of Amazon is also spurring efficient vehicle designs and concepts for city use.




When a traditional outfit like Harley Davidson offers an electric variant, you know the industry is getting serious. Along with following the development of the HD LiveWire, we'll also be showcasing the works of established manufacturers such as Zero Motorcycles along with concepts such as the designs pictured here from Mankane with their EP1, or KTM with their ION, and the futuristic Ethec.




Maybe not the flying cars that everyone was promised, but the age of personal electric flying craft is here. Developments of craft have been flown and are very close to coming in to service. Dubai is about to premiere the Ehang flying drone as a sort of airborne taxi service, and Uber themselves commissioned a selection of architects and designers to design conceptual service hubs for their vehicles designed in collaboration with Embraer.




Architecture will feature widely in our media, as the race to create efficiency in structures covers everything from vacation "pods" to residential homes, all the way through to commercial buildings and hotels. We'll showcase the already constructed and the conceptual, with an example being the design for condos mounted on wind generator towers on land and in the ocean.




Marine craft are undergoing their own revolution, as customers are demanding cleaner running and greater economy. The upside of the technology being incorporated is also quiet running and peaceful anchorages. Along with vessels such as the new Hinckley electric Dasher yacht and the Q Yacht Q30, we'll be tracking progress of the Energy Observer, the first real hydrogen powered yacht that processes seawater into hydrogen for propulsion.




This is a subject that will take up most of our research time as we coordinate with industry, research centers, and universities to keep you updated on the latest studies and breakthroughs. Not only will we cover wind and solar, but also the upcoming wave and hydropower ideas. We'll also be following the track of ITER in Southern France, and the Wendelstein 7-X fusion reactor in Germany. Also delving in the latest news in methods such as algae fuels.

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